My Review Of My Visit To Winter Garden, FL

My trip to Winter Garden, FL was nice. They were a very family oriented community that offers a great deal of fun and activities. I was also able to enjoy great weather that made it easy to get outdoors. They’re surrounded by beaches and I was able to enjoy nearby Clearwater beach. The beach was very nice. I enjoyed a day in the sun. My goal was to stay a week. Winter Garden is a great place to spend your summer vacation with great food, spas, and much more. There were several reasons I would go back to Winter Garden.


More importantly, they have great food that offered local dishes, cuisine, and international food options. I ate so much that I gained a few pounds. However, the best part of my trip was my trip to the Tiblet Butler Nature Preserve. It was a beautiful place to hike and they had endless trails to choose from among their many hiking areas. We were able to walk among their beautiful flowers and enjoy the smell of nature. I enjoyed being outside and could appreciate being a part of nature on my trip to Winter Garden, FL. I took a few pictures that came out very nice on the trails. I would recommend Winter Garden, FL to anyone on vacation.

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