Mosquito Control

Chances are if you’re homeowner, you’re going to run into mosquitoes on your property at some point. Mosquitoes are found almost everywhere, and can thrive in almost any environment except very cold climates.

Not only do they bite, but they can also be carriers of certain diseases and viruses. Mosquites are known to transmit malaria, Dengue fever, Chikungunya, Zika Virus, West Nile virus, and yellow fever. Because of the health risk, it’s absolutely essential that you keep their populations in check on your property.

Mosquito Breeding

Mosquitoes require water for their breeding cycle to be completed. On your property, mosquitoes can be found in many areas such as stagnant ponds or stagnant water, containers, flower pots, bushes, marshy or wet ground, puddles, old tires with water, clogged gutters, tall grasses, weeds, pastures or fields.

Tips on Mosquito Control

Eliminate the Breeding Areas – One of the easiest things you can do is remove the breeding areas by draining all stagnant water around the property. Adult mosquitoes are known to gather in bushes and tall vegetation. Clear the areas around the home and dispose of all the debris.

Mosquito Treatment with Insecticides – You can also use residual insecticides to eliminate the mosquitoes. After trimming and clearing the bushes around your property, spray the foliage with an active residual insecticide to stop the adults from laying eggs, and to keep the eggs from hatching. These simple steps will keep the number of mosquitoes around your home to a minimum.

Using Repellants – Most people only know of the mosquito repellants used on the body to avoid bites. However, there are also other repellants you can use outdoors to repel mosquitoes and keep them away from your property.

Repellants don’t offer a permanent solution because their effectiveness subsides over time, usually within 5 days. In spite of their short term effectiveness, they are great for times when you have outdoor events and need the mosquitoes away from your property immediately.

Proper mosquito control Winter Garden FL  includes the adoption of an integrated pest control method, focusing on mosquito reduction, mosquito prevention, and elimination of the conditions that lead to mosquito infestation. To do that effectively, your best option is to seek out the services of a professional mosquito control exterminator to keep mosquitoes away from your property.

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