Birds and Flying Pests Removal

Removing birds and other flying pests can be a difficult task because it’s easy for them to evade you. If you fail to catch them immediately, these pests can easily fly away and escape your home, only to return hours later. Flying pests, in addition to being a nuisance and potentially causing damage to your home, they can also cause unhygienic conditions.

Bird Control

Knowledge and expertise is often needed to successfully capture and remove birds that have gotten in your home. You’ll need to know how the birds live, what attracts them to your home, as well as how they breed. Birds are often a problem for homeowners because they can build many nests around the house.

Especially when there are several birds and nests, their droppings can cause major problems. The droppings can mar your buildings, walkways, and other parts of your property. Also, bird droppings can harbor disease. Where there are birds you can also expect to find mites and lice, which can be a nuisance when they invade your property.

Exterminators use removal techniques to remove invading pests and keep birds away. Common removal techniques include trapping, shooting, and baiting. Exclusion techniques often used include bird netting, bird spikes, wires and coils, slides, and landscape modification.

Bat Control and Removal

Another nuisance you can have around your home are bats. They nest in corners and spaces in a home that are dark, and leave behind bat droppings. Bat droppings not only have a foul smell, but they also carry diseases and bacteria. Even just two bats can fill an entire attic with droppings over time.

Additionally, they can cause structural damage to your property, so it’s important to have them removed as soon as you’ve seen them taking up residence in your home.

Other Flying Pests Removal

Other flying pests, such as flies, can be removed using insecticides. While keeping your home clean and tidy can prevent the pests from invading your home, sometimes they’ll still find a way in. To prevent bugs that are active at night, invaders can be somewhat controlled by changing the outdoor lighting from bright to dimmer lighting that does not attract the pests.

While it may seem like something you can ignore or handle on your own, to avoid potentially significant damage to your property, call for professional help on removing birds and other flying pests from your property. If left unchecked they can even cause health issues for your loved ones, so be sure to schedule removal as soon as possible.

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