Spider Control and Removal

Spider infestations in your home can be a serious inconvenience. Spiders make webs, and hide in crevices, dark places inside and outside your house, including the basement and attic.

Besides making your home look dirty, some species of spiders that inhabit your home can be dangerous. Spiders can bite and cause swelling and allergic reactions. This is dangerous, especially when you have kids around the house that could be bitten.

Spider Control

Here are some effective spider control measures you can implement:

Keeping Your Home Clean and Tidy – One of the easiest ways to keep spiders away is ensuring the house is clean. This reduces the chances of having small pests and insects in the home that spiders love to eat. If there isn’t enough food in your house, the spiders will likely nest elsewhere.

Clear Debris Around Your House – Ensure there isn’t any debris around your house where the spiders can hide. Spiders do not like to be out in plain sight. When the debris is cleared, spiders will stay away from your house.

Seal their Entry Points – If you notice entry points through which spiders gain access to your house, seal them off. This is especially true for spaces in the house that you rarely use, such as the basement and attic. Sealing all the holes, gaps, crevices, and cracks can keep the spiders out.

Use Yellow or Sodium Vapor Light Bulbs for Outdoor Lighting – Bright outdoor lighting at night attracts bugs. Spiders will then show up because they like to feed on the bugs, and then eventually they will find their way into your house. Keeping the bugs away can keep the spiders away.

Spider Removal

If you already have spiders invading your home, you’ll need spider removal services. One of the most common removal techniques is using insecticides.

The insecticides are sprayed in areas the spiders have inhabited. Another removal method that’s environmentally friendly is the use of glue traps. The traps are placed in areas where the spiders live, and they’re used to catch them alive.

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